Hello! I'm using phalcon 3.1.2 on PHP with FPM support.

My code snippet is:

$connData = $this->config->sqlrelay; $conn = sqlrcon_alloc($connData->id,$connData->port,$connData->socketDir,$connData->username,$connData->password,0,1); $cur = sqlrcur_alloc($conn);

$numRows = sqlrcur_rowCount($cur);

for ($row=0; $row<$numRows; $row++) { $this->l->log("row: " . $row); $rowarray=sqlrcur_getRowAssoc($cur,$row); }

sqlrcur_free($cur); sqlrcon_free($conn);

The problem is that in file php-fpm.log I got

[27-Apr-2018 10:30:12] WARNING: [pool www] child 11389 exited on signal 11 (SIGSEGV) after 761.366312 seconds from start [27-Apr-2018 10:30:12] NOTICE: [pool www] child 13042 started

and the page gives Service Unavailable.

If I comment

sqlrcur_free($cur); sqlrcon_free($conn);

everything works again (and of course alla data is taken from DB).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. Dave