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How to get params from url using <a href='' ''>

Hi! This time i want id value from url, but i can't see nothing.

My href is:

<a href="/cursoscompra?idcurso=<?php echo $disp['idcurso'] ?>" id="url_compra" class="text-default"> <?php echo $disp['nombre_curso'] ?></a>


public function indexAction() { $idcurso = $this->dispatcher->getParams('idcurso'); $curso = Cursos::findFirst(array("idcurso = :idcurso:", 'bind' => array('idcurso' => $idcurso))); $cursos=$curso->toArray(); $this->view->curso = $curso; }

And finally view CursosCompra index:

<h3 class="panel-title"><?php echo $cursos->idcurso; ?><a class="heading-elements-toggle"><i class="icon-more"></i></h3>


You have a little mistake use $this->dispatcher->getParam('idcurso'); insteand of $this->dispatcher->getParams();

Good luck

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Thanks very much!