run-tests.php file still up to date?

I've just now installed Phalcon. The command line said something about libraries to be found in "../cphalcon/build/64bits". I took a look out of curiosity, but the only php file I found there was "run-tests.php"

I decided to run the file and ran in to a file write permission error, which I had apparently forgot to set.

Looking at the code however, I found the following, on line 1023: if (file_put_contents($filename, $text, FILE_BINARY) === false) {

I didn't recognize the FILE_BINARY flag, so I decided to look it up. I found the following explanation:

The page mentions this flag would have been part of PHP6. Which was cancelled.

So I guess the main question is: is this run-tests.php file supposed to be included in the build of Phalcon and if so, is it still up to date?


Hi Koen, "run-tests.php" is generated by phpize that is the utility provided by PHP to generate the extension skeletons before compiling them.

We have two test suites, we're migrating this test-suite: to this:

Every time we add a change to the repository both test suites are run in Travis-CI to ensure that the extension is stable.

You can see the test running there for each PHP version: and

Ah, nice to know. So basically, run-tests.php is generated by phpize and has not much to do with phalcon itself?

Just wondering what the significance of it is. Just something phpize pumps in there?


Exactly, run-tests.php has no relation with phalcon, it's something created by phpize. We use phpunit for our tests :)

Thanks for bothering to reply to this simple question.