Can we compile entire framework to convert them in file using Zephir

Hi All,

I was exploring Zephir Lang. It says, "Enhance your PHP frameworks/libraries by making them Faster / Better".

I have installed and played around thier sample example.

But, I am interested to compile down entire framework (Lets say - Laravel) to Is it possible? Any help/hint would be highly appreciated.


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Sure it's possible, just rewrite whole laravel to zephir :) Keep in mind that doesn't mean you will have huge performance boost etc

Don't do that

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I just spent some full time sabbatical months finishing up a new Zephir framework that I've been working on for over a year. It has a very optional NPM/Webpack integration, framework NPM packages, Composer packages and the works. How much faster is it? A little bit. We don't do it for that reason though. We do it because we like punishing ourselves so that we may be redeemed in the eyes of the Creator(s) for all of the slow ass code that we've written in our lives. Some people are into S&M and like to be the whippee and others like to write Zephir code. I know for myself that despite not being sexually thrilling in itself that I'm now right in the eyes of my Creator(s) and that many other blessing have come as a result of my tribulations (as I will mention later).

if my Zephir project becomes successful then surely people will notice that humanity as a whole could have better benefited from the gift of my fabulous intellience involving some other endeavor, however in the context of global drug and oil wars, the ubiquity of the laywering profession, wedding planners and supposed left wing comedians, I just feel that I could have done worse. There are probably better ways to make money but let me just assure you that nothing makes the ladies more excited than some really well optimized Zephir codes. True story.

I've gone back and forth on this one but I believe that they like us so much because they can feel that we are the true essence of masculinity. That is just some insight that I think that the Phalcon developers are rather selfishly keeping to themselves. You really have to wonder sometimes what they are doing with that $13k right? Well, I know longer wonder since I know that its a day-in-and-day-out Janet Jackson bubble bath music video of non-stop sexual activity. I'm for blowing this whole pussy hoarding operation right out of the water and exposing it for what it is. They've simply become accustomed to the incessent and often annoyingly-so pawing female attention and they no longer can even comprehend how the average person is living. This should change.

[edit] I want to add that its not without pain since the error messages can sometimes be cryptic, but who soever passes this earthly challenge will be rewarded with paradise on Earth [despite the corruption].