From the #13796 issue on Github

I just publicly dropped my setupify code in a public repo.

This project is the fulfilment of my blood oath as sword in issue #13578

I created setupify to ease the provisioning of a Phalcon environment and to provide an alternative testing environment. The project now has a good base to fill out. I'm looking for suggestions on how to fill out the tool so that it can complete the full Phalcon test suite on a single PHP environment (ex 7.2). I think that its a great project and it will be the basis of any future projects for many years to come.

I'm in the process of making some videos for it since the material is so dry. The light bar menu wizard helps to give a boring subject a little flair. I was going to make the video tonight but I have a limo part to go to that I can't get out of, even for you guys.

Here are a few teasers from the README.

Setupify Customize Overview

Phalcon Repository Channel

So I'll let you in on a little secret: my main motivation for creating setupify was to have a good way to provision a system for my upcoming Perch Framework. I've been working on this framework for a long time and I even took more than two months off to work on it full time. The Perch Framework is provided in the form of a Zephir based PHP extension. The optional features and tools will be delivered in the form of PHP Composer packages and NPM modules. There is a full first class optional Webpack integration. Its my third gen tech and so I've worked out quite a lot more things. The Perch Framework first needs the best Phalcon and Zephir tech and so this will be my first code release.

Putting all of that Perch Framework stuff aside, I need assistance to turn setupify into both an ideal starting point for open ended development as well as being a great place to run test suites. It will likely be a huge win if it can serve both needs at once .