Phalcon and Angular Scaffold

I'm currently engaged full-time in a substantial effort to create an open source phalcon, ulogin and angular scaffold of some manner of variety. I've already created the phalcon and ulogin prototype although it needs to be modernized. Angular is a new technology for me and it is looking quite mature. There are a number of competing scaffolding systems to choose from between Phalcon devtools and everything in the node/npm world. So far I'm looking at the following projects for insight on current best practices.

I'm looking at the following projects;

Some of the Angular scaffolds download ~100MB of dependencies. Wow!!! It seems like an enormous amount of code but I suppose that it all does quiet a lot of work with testing and deployment.

Does anyone know if there is a more ideal way to integrate PHP with node on the server? I feel like I have a lack of control in the massive amount of assumptions and dependencies there.

I'm considering modifying a phalcon devtools template to include a modified version of Ulogin and my session management code and then having that include a Nodejs generator/skeleton that is installed with Bower (with 'bower install'). I'm conflicted about this since Yeoman is quite nice in how it sets up so many deployment, testing and debugging environments. If I go the phalcon devtools as the initial step then bower might be better since the public side scaffold could easily be created by devtools and since bower is a less opinionated tool.

I could use some well thought out suggestions.


I want to add that I will also be creating a proof-of-concept websocket environment that will integrate with the ulogin session management. I might additionally add in a reactphp proof if the tools are easy to work with.

Also really this is really really going to happen now as my slate is cleared and I'm being paid from two sources to write this. It will be enough to get up and running to drop proprietary code into.


I'm starting with phalcon-starterkit. To start with I'm making one large change by breaking the project up into development and production folders that I will automate with Grunt. I'm doing this so that LESS/SASS, Coffeescript and PHP can be compiled/obfuscated into a production environment. Also since I plan on integrating node.js websockets into the authentication I will be attempting to store the configuration data in JSON in case it is needed later. I think that it will be beyond the scope of my work to have a fully featured Angular environment like what some of the Yeoman templates provide but I think that this is the way to go since using two opinionated scaffolding environments like phalcon-devtools and yeoman at the same time is too much for me to deal with. For this reason I will be only relying on nodejs Bower. So my idea is to get fully up and working it will require typing 'npm install' and/or 'bower install'. I am going to try to get requirejs working and I'm currently unsure if that is going to be too much of a headache for the moment.