getPut() returns null when trying to get a param from request

        //check auth_token parameters
        $auth_token = $request->getPut('auth_token');

        //create and execute query
        $select_user_query = "SELECT * FROM User WHERE auth_token = :auth_token:";
        $user = $this->modelsManager->executeQuery($select_user_query, array('auth_token' => $auth_token))->getFirst();

* When trying to get the auth_token from put request, it returns null so the query doesn't work. What's the problem? The if condition to detect request type works very good but getPut() doesn't.*

Have you tried checking the contents of the put request?


I tested just now with curl and had no problem

array (size=2)
  'asdfasdf' => string 'asdfsadf' (length=8)
  'key' => string 'asdfsadf' (length=8)

If your keys arent listed in that I would imagine the problem is in the form encoding itself. Perhaps this method was only tested with API's and not with Phalcon forms.

Thank you for your answear. I used put for API, not for forms. I will try again soon, I used other way to do the same thing.