Can we have a Windows/5.3/x64/TS download? Just for testing?

Hi! Great work since the last time I checked in. Is it possible to compile a x64 TS version for PHP-Win 5.3? I won't hold you to it being supported, but I want to gradually phase the framework into my 5.3(.13) dev server. Running under the same PHP binary and .ini would make a possible migration of my no-framework code to Phalcon much, much more feasible.

Thanks for considering putting this up.

-- Sanford

@swhiteman I have compiled x64 5.3/5.3 NTS 1.1.0.BETA.2 DLLs.

They should be available on the site within the next hour

Thanks so much! I'll test the ext promptly.


The dlls are now available in the download page

Got it + confirmed the extension is loading. Unf'ly I am on 3G until my line is fixed on Tuesday so this is the worst weekend to dive into it. But I really appreciate it and am glad to officially join the community after tracking the project since last year!