way to trigger error

I just do a litle search, and can not found an easy way. has phalcon a feature for triggering error? like show_error() on CI or App::abort() on Laravel ?

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Hi @Sum
Yes you can use flash to display errors. http://docs.phalconphp.com/en/latest/reference/flash.html In my project I use it like this.

                'flashSession', function ()    
            return new Phalcon\Flash\Session(array(    
                'error' => 'alert alert-dismissable alert-danger',    
                'success' => 'alert alert-dismissable alert-success',    
                'notice' => 'alert alert-dismissable alert-info',    

Then you can call

    $this->flash->success("The post was correctly saved!");         


    'error' => 'alert alert-dismissable alert-danger',    

is a reference to the css class representing the error. This line of code is an example from bootstrap error.

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Flash error not actually what I'm looking for, Maybe something like dispatcher->forward() is closer but I think that's not an error trigger.

Thanks anyway.