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Session Help Needed

I've got a Phalcon site which sits on two servers behind Varnish. The site is session based, and all users have to log in.

The problem is I can't store sessions on local files because of the two servers.

What are the other options for session management, and is there any good documentation I can find on how to implement that?

The system administrator prefers a Redis solution, but I think anything that works will be acceptable.


u can use redish, or memcache, or u can use file, if the folder is shared between the servers. Redis or memcache is the best solution in this situantion. If i know it well phalcon have a memcache session adapter.

Memcache is not built into Phalcon, I'm afraid.


Did u see in the incubator. I found it on there, and there was a redish adapter too.

Thanks. We'll definitely be using this in the future.