Suggestion for [built in] simple auth on project [option]

Hi, based on my learning experience and job on the web dev. few frameworks i learned are hard to implement authentication, i just left the frameworks when i have no time or not confident engh to use the authentication i wrote with the new framework. as we know, authentication is the most important thing. would be great if the authentication as easy as typing a parameters to phalcon devtools command.

phalcon project name --with-auth


You are right, authentication is a really usual feature on websites. But they are so many different approach (Oauth, two factor, CAS, radius and so on), a simple --with-auth switch would not satisfy all the developpers.

Vokuro implement authentication and authorization.


Ya, there are so many different approach but there are few (at least 2) general auth . Auth Basic and something like what vokuro use (i dont know what the method)