Desctiption for \Phalcon\Forms\Element\* consturtor parameters

Where I can find a full list of options for $attributes parameter in Elements constructor? How I can define a "value" attribute for \Phalcon\Forms\Element\Submit? 'title', 'value', 'text' and 'label' doesn't work.


Attributes is a list of HTML attributes: that are passed to Phalcon\Tag helpers

I can't change the 'value' in Submit :(

The code ```php $submit = new Submit('submit', [ 'class' => 'myclass', 'value' => 'My label', ]); ``` and ```html {{ form.render('submit') }} ``` outputs ```html <input type="submit" class="myclass" value="submit" /> ```


The name of the submit is beign used as value, let me add an option for add...

Yes, it will be great ;-)

Nothing changed? I think that current behavior is not very useful.