Install Phalcon Framework in XAMPP on Windows

Hi guys, I am trying to install the Phalcon Framework in XAMPP on Windows 7, but after I have put the php_phalcon.dll in "C:\xampp\php\ext" and change php.ini, to start the apache server, occurs an error of entry point zval_property_ctor (the error says that not is possible found the entry point zval_property_ctor on php5ts.dll library), someone can help me ? thanks for attention and sorry by my english, it's not very good.. :(


Maybe your DLL version is different from what your PHP version needs. (PD: ¿Español?)

Yes! thank you very much! got it! (i'm brasilian :) )


I said that 'cause your nick has felipe (very common here) haha.

uahsdaushdsuhad, nice :)