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What is the support duration for each 1.+ phalcon version?

I am wondering how long the support duration for each phalcon release is. Are we expected to migrate from 1.0 to 1.1 to 1.2 as far as the support or can we expect 1.n.* upgrades to go on for a very long time?

I'm asking because I've figured out a way to start implementing phalcon sooner than later in my project. I have several PHP code bases running live at any given time on a current machine. There are numerous virtual machines running and each "site" has two virtual domains running on Apache. I will be able to start deploying phalcon on this second subdomain for each "site" much sooner than my previous plan which would be 6-9 after development started.

Perhaps some people might find this interesting since the question has been raised why there are not more systems openly using phalcon. I'll answer that it can take a long while to roll out a complicated system and me, myself and I are severely understaffed.

tl;dr How should I expect the phalcon upgrade process to work?


Currently, and based on the resources we have, we can only keep the maintenance of one version of Phalcon, bugs found in released versions are fixed in the next release unless errors require releasing an immediate version (security problems, or blocking bugs).

We're always trying to release versions every 1-1.5 months, this depending on our availability of time as not being paid to work to be dedicated to Phalcon, we just can use our free time to generate new versions, implement NFR, answer questions, etc.

Our philosophy has always been that updates have a minimum impact on code bases currently in production, so no abrupt changes are introduced from 0.5.x to allow the maximum possible backwards compatibility. Deprecated APIs are still maintained and there are no plans to remove them in future releases.

As we have no companies/organizations/corporate clients who are sponsoring the development and our time in Phalcon, we will maintain the project based on the free time that we have, the collaboration, help, patience, contributions and donations from the community.


I think that this strategy is just fine. I think that it could be helpful to have this formally written down so that people know what to expect. Phalcon will be a critical part of a system and so developing an upgrade strategy is important. Basically "business needs to know what the rules are". It seems to me that people in tech are well used to release dates slipping and "when its done".