When will the final production version of Phalcon 2 be out?

When will the final production version of Phalcon 2 be released? Will it be this year (2014)?

We have not set a date yet. There are still a lot of issues to iron out.

My personal hope is to have it out as a Christmas present. We will see.

Nikolaos I'll probably base my project on in when phalcon 2 is suffiently beta. I'll release the code well before that and then I suppose that I'll release it again as 2.0 to match phalcon.

btw everyone I'll be releasing a super enhanced version of Vokuro that is augmented with webpack, Google oauth signin and websocket integration using Ratchet. The idea is that this project will be by far the best place to start for creating a secure single page application oriented site. Currently I'm working on the websocket stage and then I'll be making another passthrough on everything to get it in shape. My project requires PHP 5.5 but could be made to work witih 5.4 if someone put in the time.


Wow, do you have the code on Github? Can we see it? When will it be finished? Couple of days? Or more?

Its a pretty substantial amount of work and since there is so many components it has required a tremendous amount of research to not go down dead end roads and absolutely there is nothing out there that combines these technologies all into one nice starting package. This project is the accumulation of every new technology that I have not had time to learn over the last several years as the webstack has changed dramatically.


At @dschissler, what is "webstack"?

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Webpack http://webpack.github.io/

Its an build environment that allows you to program for the browser using commonjs modules. Its competitor is browserify. I find webpack with coffeescript to be vastly superior to my previous javascript file based environment (as opposed to module based). Its worth the time to ramp up on this technology. It is a subsantial effort to learn how to configure it and it is far easier to read a functional configuration in a functional environment so I suggest that you just wait for me to release my code.

I've been completely changing my development stack lately and last night I got Atom editor working well and I like it a lot. I've been changing everything.

My nginx conf might be a bit muddled (but functional) so I'll probably need help getting that cleaned up real nice. My goal in developing this is to be able to base all of my work for the next several years off of this code base. I'm getting too old to relearn everything like this non-stop and I need some time to just use it.