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Phalcon tutorial on website does not work


After been using Yii for almost 2 years now, I guess I would like to give it a go to Phalcon, however the interactive tutorial seems to not be working when clicking on 'Run' button:

In the network tab in says the file execute.php was not found, however if I do access it directly by typing it into the address I can access it.

Any ideas?


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Just click on next button a couple of times (tested in Firefox) and copy paste the code to the left text area or just press RUN button, if there is some code already. It should work.

However, the presentation and design is like made by Polish people or Russians ;D. Sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't ;D. tutorials are not finished or the docs are very limited, some functions and stuff not mentioned at all.

I really think that Phalcon is not ready for real projects. It's a great idea and maybe after two years it could finallly start to be a legitimate player. but for now it's a half-baked product. The support on this forum or on the Stackoverflow is pretty rare.

I have noticed that the bloggers that write articles about Phalcon just copypaste the other blogposts and say that it's "blazing fast", "destroys other framework", but very few of them went beyond the first Hello world tutorial and tried to integrate ACL, routing etc.

E.g. routing and acl is a real pain in the ass in Phalcon, hashing functions don't work in the whole 1.3 branch for Windows 5.4 PHP dll and no fix is provided for 6 months!

Docs are tragic and the devs know that. You can see may people asking trivial questions in this forum, because they didn't find that in the docs. They should really look at CodeIgniter, Symfony or Laravel docs how it should be done.

Unless you are very experienced PHP and what is more important (because of the lack of documentaiton) C programmer stay with Yii, Symfony or Laravel

Thanks, it did work in Firefox.

I guess if people don't start doing some projects at production phase, framework will never get bigger. :)

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Exactly. And what I don't like is that they are mad if I told the truth. Downvotes, etc.

I want Phalcon to become the best framework and I want to use Phalcon myself.

That's why I say what I say. If I didn't care, I would be silent and laugh at Phalcon team. But I am not like that and by pointing on the problems I motivate others to see how things really are.

People who say nothing and see the problems are much worse than people who speak out. So, you can downvote my posts, but you are just swiping the dirt under the carpet.

I am not cursing or telling Phalcon is bullshit, because it's not true. However, it lacks in amny areas that I have mentioned already in the downvoted post above.

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Let's say I can understand people who are downvoting me, but I really don't undertand the downvotes towards your post:

"Thanks, it did work in Firefox. I guess if people don't start doing some projects at production phase, framework will never get bigger. :)"

To me it seems like a true statement.


Dear "Proud citizen of your great country whatever it is" Flanex,

I read this forum every day, try to read every post. I agree with lot of your opinions (not only from this topic) but not all of them. E.g. I agree that the documentation in some topics could be better.

But you have to know that there are lot of russians and polish people here among Phalcon users/developers. I am one of them, so giving downvote too:)

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Phalcon team needs to change its attitude towards people in general otherwise it will fail.

There is 1 book after two years of the framework existance. This book is 130 pages long and the guy don't explain things in detail, just comment a few things here and there.

I am not the only one who sees that. For example, check comments for this video

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I am not too far away from Russia and know the mentality of the Eastern Europe and Russians and I have some PL/RU blood in my veins, so, I think I am entitled to talk about the EE mentality ;) and after your comment I see I was right, obviously.

I really think that Phalcon should create something like Laracasts or some other simle tips, short videos section/separate website etc. Nikolaos or somebody else should become Phalcon's Jeffry Way ;).

Phalcon needs more people that can promote and bring Phalcon to casual web developers.

Just by curiosity, why people downvoted my reply to Flanex? Don't you agree that we should contribute to the project?