Issues and roadmap

Phalcon was released as a stable version, which means someone is using it in production. However there are a few issues and developers do not know which of them will be closed in the near future. I ask the Phalcon developers to note intention at the roadmap based on a list of issues.


Actually, we need that community help us to prioritize the currently posted issues on Github to define a roadmap, since most issues do not have comments or "+1" to indicate that they're important/urgent is hard to us figure out which of them needs to be included in an inmediate release.

From now the issues/NFR that we have in mind to be part of 1.2 are:

  • Existing/New Bugs
  • Many-to-Many relations in ORM
  • Improvements to the ODM


The community needs a leader. Maybe you should make emphasis on this topic in your blog?

Or you can use to collect votes about the most important and most complex issues. Perhaps a weekly poll based on the NFR/issues.


The community have leaders, but more than leaders we need contributors, people that want to do things by their own initiative, we are an open source project, people need to be involved with the project if they want to see more development, better docs, more examples, more activity, more screen-casts, more tests, more posts on the blog, etc, etc, etc.

Not everything can be: hey I need this, or change this, or fix this, or "I have this error but I'm too lazy to create a test", "or change everything because I don't like it", or "someone have a question leave others answer him", etc

In the extend that the community collaborate more with the outstanding things the project will grow as expected!!

@Agent-J всё как в любом open-source проекте, несколько активных участников делающих 80% всех действий, и 20% "пользователей", желающих только получить готовое и жаловаться что "что-то где-то почему-то" не работает. По опыту общения с сообществами могу сказать что люди до невозможности ленивы, хотят только готового и сразу и бесплатно. Это печально.

Команда разработчиков идёт верной дорогой, внедряя новые компоненты по мере необходимости, основываясь на своих предпочтениях. Фреймворк подошёл к тому моменту, когда число людей его использующих многократно увеличилось, а число разработчиков и поддержки осталось прежним. Кто-то решил свою проблему и ушёл, не желая делиться опытом с новыми участниками и описывать решение.

Команда и разработка Phalcon полностью открыты, любая положительная инициатива поддерживается всеми имеющимися силами и людьми. Не надо ждать пока сделают другие, надо брать инициативу в свои руки и в бой! ;)


Yes, I understand. But that's to be expected: Most developers only use tools, choosing the best available. Some reports a bug. And only a few are showing initiative.

For this reason precisely the founders should push community to the collaboration.


@boston, предлагаю не переходить на русский, как-то некрасиво перед собеседниками )

I do not criticize the developers, I encourage them to share not only ready source, but also future plans. The most popular comment about the Phalcon is like "Nice framework but I'm afraid to use it 'cause unclear its future".

I apologize for this confusion guys. I should have been a bit more proactive in addressing all the NFRs in terms of priority and in terms of what the community needs.

I will start several posts/polls so that we can address issues that make an impact to the most developers first.

Stay tuned.

PS: @Agent-J criticism is always good for a project. It is one of the ways that helps us all make it better :) Keep the suggestions coming! @xboston - hey don't beat him up! He is a good guy :D :D :D!