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The inevitible phalcon 2.0 API breakage

The Phalcon 1.* series might have a very good run over several years, however at some point there will be design problems that will need to be addressed. Is there a strategy for breaking the API in the remote and distant future? Do you plan to instead simply deprecate and then remove certain parameters and classes?


The plan is to follow the common programming practices that the community in general follows.

This means that the API will not change dramatically from one version to another. If new functionality needs to be introduced that will break the existing API, new methods will be introduced and the older ones will be phased out by means of deprecating them (warnings) and finally removing them a few versions later.

The idea is to always keep backwards compatible code, unless there is a huge rewrite at which point the community will have ample warning about this and what an upgrade to that new version will entail.

We currently don't have a solid plan for 2.0. There are some discussions but nothing that we can share with the community at the moment.