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Unless you have a screen resolution wider than 1200px the "blog" link is hidden under the "star me on github" ribbon. You might want to fix that.


Thanks, it was fixed

Great, a lot more usable than having to delete the node via dev toos to click the link (i know i could type the url or scroll down :D).

I still feel like the homepage needs a little more love, as it doesn't reflect how cool/well documented/active phalcon is and it's a shame. I don't think many people reading this will need convincing that Phalcon PHP is a/is going to be a major player in the Php framework market. Right now tho, to gain traction, I think the homepage needs to focus a bit more on how people can pick it up and have something working in no time, rather than simply how fast it is. Phalcon is not only speed, it's also elegance, flexibility and simplicity.

I find the examples you have provided totally awesome and the same can be said of the phalcon dev tools. I totally think theses should be featured on the homepage.

Maybe you could also include latest post from the forum, total forum members, messages posted, github activity, .... Make the page say:

  • This is phalcon php we are blazing fast
  • You may not have heard of us before, but this is a great framework and as our github repository shows we are serious about this
  • You can build this kind of stuff with phalcon (link to examples) and you can actually have the code for free.
  • We love our developers and we even have a nice little tool called phalcon-devtools to help them out getting started (accompanied with screenshots).
  • ....

Maybe I'm out of line to want to direct the contents of this site, but I think it needs love. I personally prefer to see you improve the framework itself, but then again I don't need convincing.

Great work on the framework ! <3


Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah, last year, we have spend most of the attention in the website convincing people about the fact of using a framework as an extension will not blow up their computers :)

Now we can start now to highlight about other important things as how the framework is very flexible and how it could help to develop faster, structured, etc.

We also want to improve the devtools, maybe integrate the prettyexceptions utils, create a debug bar, etc.

Yeah totally understand that's what you were doing to get people on board. Getting prettyexceptions set up is next to impossible if you don't know exactly what you are doing, and yeah i sort of discovered it existed randomly whilst browsing the github account. I think we agree focus needs to change :D Good luck.


Also there is something in the home page that consumes a lot of resources in the computer, I suppose that is performance problem that you have at the background animation, maybe a more little and clean design approach could be effective to show the velocity of the framework and not showing a complex resource consuming animation that stuck the browser.