I want fewer features!

I'm joking, of course.

I just wanted to say that the tight focus of Phalcon is really nice. It doesn't do too much, so what it does is easy to find. Please don't be tempted to add lots of new features, just because people ask for them - if they're even necessary at all, most features can be added with plugins or additional libraries rather than cluttering up the core.

Keep it simple forever.

On a serious note

Phalcon's development is heavily influenced by the community. Our main focus is performance and usability. If something is going to help the community (i.e. many to many relationships in the ORM) yes we will definitely develop it. Some features might not be very performance friendly (i.e. annotations) but we did develop them because the performance loss is minimal compared to the ease of development that it offers - that and many people wanted it.

Rest assured we will keep the framework simple and easy to use without it being bloated by extra items that can be implemented in the incubator :)

I'm sure you'll decide carefully. I just wanted to make sure that, among all the voices asking for more stuff, there was a least one urging simplicity.

Keep it simple forever. +1 ;)

I agree. Keep it simple and focused!