htaccess security problem

hi guys, I'm using htaccess on my project for some security reason, I tried to use

Deny from all

on my htaccess on public folder but the problem is it shows me the 403 forbidden page. I have also try to use

Options -Indexes +FollowSymLinks

but I still can access my files 1 by 1. what I want to do is to avoid direct access on my files using url.

Deny from all will disallow access to all resources unless valid credentials match a .htpasswd file. WHat exactly are you trying to do? WHat files need to be restricted? We need more information to help.

edited Aug '14

I want to restrict my css, images, js files not to be directly accessed using url like


is that posible to do it using htaccess?

It is possible but you then won't have any css, images or js on your site unless you create a controller that outputs these.

edited Aug '14

What do you mean controller that will output my css, js etc.? Can you please post some example so that I can have a idea on how can I do it?