News about new version?

There are news about version 2?


An important number of tests are passing now and a second beta will be released soon.



thanks @phalcon I am waiting months to start a new project with phalcon, because you announce the new release 2.0

Also documentation and examples it's only for old version.

When you think 2.0 will be ready and docs/examples update?

YES, I am so impatient to start build awesome application with phalcon.... :)



Phalcon 1.x samples will work in 2.0 and viceversa, you don't have to wait for 2.0 to use Phalcon, both 1.x and 2.0 have the same functionality, the only main difference is that Phalcon 2 is written in Zephir


that is new for me. is 2.0 stable now?

thanks for quick reply


Phalcon 2 is currently at beta 3, it means a few bugs could be there, the latest stable version is 1.3.3 which must provide you the same functionality as Phalcon 2.


there is an ETA for stable 2.0?