One little idea

I've seen that the class Phalcon\Tag does not have a function to create date/time/datetime/datetime-local inputs. Why not adding them?

(Just as curiosity, 'cause I had to create one datetime-local from scratch. It isn't a problem, but I think the idea is good)

Input element with type datetime-local isnt supported in IE and FF so why it could be in core when there isnt multi-browser support? I dont it is difficult create custom helper which will return datetime field for you -

However I agree new fields should be in core too (probablu from 2.0) like or


Ah, didn't remember about support.

BTW, it was just a point. I don't mind hardcoding it.

I'm baffled that the Button element hasn't been added I had to create my own one of these so that I could use an Icon library on my buttons in the Form Builder.