Phalcon 2 and not closed issues with 1.3.X

Hi, I have selected a general theme for this discussion because there are issues like: and others which are not addressed or closed for months.

I am part of a team in the middle of developing a big project based on phalcon 1.3.X and we want to know what are the plans of the phalcon community in order to fix and close the issues already reported? Is there any clear roadmap/directions about possible migration of existing code 1.3 to 2?

Please share your thoughts about the future of the project. Best regards!

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Phalcon 2 and Phalcon 1.3 have the same functionality, so you don't need a migration from one version to another. The same applications created for 1.3 must work in 2.0.


Thank you for the answer. But what about the already opened issues?

@dela1 All issues will be resolved by the core team or the community at some point. I know that is not what you want to read but that is reality and we have always kept the community informed of what we do without any lies thrown in the mix.

Let's face it. We are a very small team working on a project that has seen amazing adoption within a short 2 year period.

Because C is daunting to many people, including myself, we decided to use Zephir, a language we invented. Using a PHP/JS like syntax, the community can easily find and correct any issues that they can fix.

I really don't know when the 1.x series will be deprecated but I expect it to be around for quite a bit. Once we get 2.0 out then users will have the option to either keep their app in 1.x or move to 2.0. Of course 2.0 will be the core version at that point and we will slowly deprecate 1.x - plenty of time in between those milestones.

If users move to 2.0 that is fine. If they want to stay at 1.x and there are bugs or issues outstanding, we will fix them in 2.0 and port the fixes in 1.x. If the bug is related specifically to 1.x because there has been a change in 2.0 that makes the bug/issue go away, we will try to address it there and then.

My personal calendar - without having spoken to the rest of the team would be for 1.x to be around for another year, say around summer 2015. That of course with the assumption that we stick to our plan and release a full 2.0 by Christmas. We will see how that goes.

So answering your question, yes all bugs/issues will be addressed.