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Mysql queries with the table name and "AS" for every column.

This code:

$user = User::findFirst(
               'bind' => [
                   ':email' => $email
               'columns' => 'id,  password'

Produces this query:

SELECT `users`.`id` AS `id`, `users`.`password` AS `password`  FROM `users` WHERE `users`.`email` = :email LIMIT :2

Why it adds the table name and "AS" for every column? It's supposed to work like that or i need to modify something in the model or configuration?

The model is very basic since i'm just starting out.

class User extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Model

    public $id;

    public $email;

    public function getSource()
        return "users";

Thank you


There's no issue with the 'AS' keyword being used

In reference to the 'AS' keyword in the SELECT clause, it can be used for:

  • Shortening the overall length of a query and making it look neater
  • Avoiding column name colisions when the query incorperates multiple tables

tl;dr: It's just the way the ORM works.


Hello Mitchel.

Thank you very much for the explanation!



Is there a way we can change the column name like in a select clause.


Class::find(array( 'conditions' => 'ID = 1', 'columns' => 'Name AS FullName' <---- This is what I try to achieve ));

Thank you.

You can do 'column mapping' on a per-model basis, I haven't personally checked if PHQL is compatible with it, but I think it's almost say to say it would be.

For some reason the documentation for column mapping is missing in the latest version, so here's a link to v1 documentation describing how to set it up.


Just found the answer by my self. Just use

'columns' => 'columns as aliasname'

Thank you