Help Regarding Loading views

Hell Friends, I m getting issue while loading views through jquery mehtod. For Example : --

$("#iload_data").load("<?php echo $this->config->application->baseUri;?>/dashboard/detail_industry_graph?tech_name=<?php echo urlencode( $str_tech_name ); ?>&slug=<?php echo urlencode( $str_tech_slug ) ?>&total_companies=<?php echo $total_companies_count_of_tech; ?>&tech_id=<?php echo $str_tech_id; ?>&show_graph=true",function(responseTxt,statusTxt,xhr){
if(statusTxt=="success") {

In above function detail_industry_graph is my view phtml page which i m trying to load on same page ie means onmy home.phtml page.

edited Sep '14

Make sure what url is valid. Verify your action in controller, i.e. detail_industry_graph did must be added trailing string "Action". See your response from server(maybe it contain errors).