InWhere combined with andWhere

How do I combine InWhere with andWhere in a query?

    $rights = array('view_cat');
    $permissions = \user\UserPermission::query()
        ->inWhere('permission', $rights)
        ->andWhere('user_id = :user_id:')
        ->bind(array('user_id' => 1))

Results in:

Invalid parameter number: number of bound variables does not match number of tokens


You combine as you coded. The fact is that:

bind(array(1 => 1))

has to be

bind(array("user_id" => 1))

You didn't put the placeholder correctly in the binding array.

I posted the wrong code. I've updated my post, this still doesn't work.


I'm seeing the docs and says that you can pass a second parameter to andWhere() that defines the binding array:

->andWhere('user_id = :user_id:', array('user_id' => 1))

If that doesn't work, try yo use a placeholder in inWhere() and set the binding parameters with the bind() method.

That worked. Thanks again RompePC :)


I think that the problem was that you were passing a binding array, so Phalcon thought that all in your WHERE clauses was placeholded, throwing an error when discovering that ìnWhere() didn't have one.

That's what I thought, at least.