Using the phalcon command from the develeoper tool, I've generated a project, setup the database an then run the scaffold options. The controllers, models and views get generated ok, but the links and forms inside the view files are are generated wrong.

For example, if I have a table called "t_Test"and will run phalcon with the scaffold option, the following will be generated:

  • Model TTest.php

  • Controller TTestController.php

  • View t_test[edit|index|new|search].phtml

This seems all right, but the link and form tags inside the view files uses "t_Test" instead of "t_test" (notice the upper case "T" versus lower case "t" in the folder name).

... <?php echo $this->tag->form("t_Test/create") ?> ... <td align="left"><?php echo $this->tag->linkTo(array("t_Test", "Go Back")) ?> ...

Is this a know bug ?