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Inquiry about sustainability+support


In our company we use a lot of frameworks and we decided to switch to a single framework. So we have 6 candidates and phalcon is one of them for the feature 'speed' is very appealing to us. But we have some reservations about non-technical issues so we have some questions -We are trying to select a framework for the next 3 years. How stable is the foundation of phalcon....(perhaps its hard to answer but anything would help us) -We see a lot of unanswered issues in github\stackoverflow\forums. Can you tell us something about support policies ?

Regards, Edu

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Unanswered issues might have many reasons, delve into the reasons for this is a longer answer. In general, Phalcon is an open-source project that depends on contributors and their volunteer efforts to evolve. There's no company behind Phalcon so you can get support from the community or hire a company like Lezgro that is specialized in Phalcon to support your development: