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Default condition for a Model

Hey guys,

any idea how to do this, perhaps in the \Phalcon\Mvc\Model::initialize(), without having to override find()/findFirst() each time? Setting some sort of default condition.

Basically, I want to keep the record in the database but hidden from the app for historical purposes only with the possibility to reintegrate back in the system easily. And I would like to avoid having to move it to some archive.


namespace Models;

use Phalcon\Mvc\Model;

class Metrics extends Model
    public static function find($parameters = null)
        $condition = 'retired is null';

        if (is_array($parameters)) {
            if ( isset($parameters[0])) {
                $parameters[0] .= ' and '.$condition;
            else {
                $parameters[0] = $condition;
        elseif ($parameters) {
            $parameters .= ' and '.$condition;
        else {
            $parameters = $condition;

        return parent::find($parameters);

Thanks, Marek

Why not create a view in the database, and a model based on that view?

1) cant very well insert or update stuff in a view 2) would have to maintain the view as well as the table

>Why not create a view in the database, and a model based on that view?

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Hey man, unfortunately this wont help very well either :)

>softDelete is what you want:

says on the website: > Note that you need to specify the deleted condition in your queries to effectively ignore them as deleted records, this behavior doesn’t support that.