Hello, i found bug when i trying to cache some object.

I had made a ACL pluging with, generating menu and configurable access to full multimodule app using db, and when i try to cache my ACL object everyting is ok, but when i access object from cache the object have half size.

For example peace of my code:

    $cache = \Core\Cache::factory('Data', 'Memcache'); // here is just factory to create Front,Back
        $this->initAclData(); //here is process to load permissions, resources etc .. allowing and rendering data by every module and module parts              
        $acl = new \Acl($this->acl); //the custom ACL manager
        $cache->save('acl', $acl);

    $acl = (isset($acl) && $acl instanceof \Acl) ? $acl : $cache->get('acl');
else {              
    $acl = new \Acl($this->acl); // the custom ACL manager


I was try frontend "Data" and "Igbinary" but all still return's me not full objects.

Full code of AccessControll plugin to see is here: http://pastebin.com/LWjzsc7u