Contributing to documentation


I'd like to start contributing to the Phalcon documentation, particularly with the API documentation on the validators. Where would I start with that? I notice the documentation is in two places: the acutal source code as well as the github Phalcon/doc repository.

Another approach would be to document each of the validators outside of the API reference. Instead of to use something like, which would be plenty of room to document the different validators and their $options arrays.

So basically, I'm wondering: 1) is it better to contribute documentation on the validators in the API docs or the reference docs? 2) Does Sphinx allow for 3 levels of documentation? (e.g. /reference/validation/validators.html) 3) Where would I start in learning the documentation syntax and how to generate the documentation?

Thanks, Gus


Yes, it supports many levels of documentation, it's just a directory inside a directory :)

You just have to submit a PR to the repository:

The API is automatically generated using this script: