Getting started with a basic application using scaffolding - possible?


Just learning about Phalcon, I like how it is a decoupled framework and does not force you to stick to its own file structure etc. But also like how some other frameworks such as Yii can create an almost fully working basic app with a frontend, backend,user crud and login system fully working right off the bat. Can this be done with developer tools or will I have to manually code everything? If I have to do it all manually are there any good examples of code bundles I can download that has a frontend, backend and login system with user account activation/verification all ready working that I can use as an example?


Hi recci

I've just asked scaffolding question a moment ago. It looks like project generation in phalcon is still in it's early stage of developement. As far as I see we can only generate scaffold with basic CRUD operations on tables. Anything above this must be coded by hand or by editing generated code.


Thats fair enough, still would'nt mind seeing some function code as I described above.

Also I was wandering about how we go about modulerisng our applications?