Webird Alpha 2 released

Webird 0.5.0-alpha2 is out.

In this version I integrated the phalcon-debug-widget into Webird. I converted the views to Volt and I heavily refactored a lot of code and made it a bit less intrusive. I moved the javascript and theming into a webpack module. I enhanced it by adding ctrl-shift-d as the toggle and it remembers which panel was open (or none at all). I also added a configuration dump panel. There is a link on the bottom right to open the webpack-dev-server index to see which files webpack believes that it can serve. This can be very helpful while configuring webpack and to ensure that dependencies are being added to the correct bundle.

Webird now has better logging and debug output is now sent be sent to the Firelogger console and {{domain}}-debug.log in the nginx log directory. I plan to send the debug logs to the debug panel in in the future just to make the data available in as many forms as possible. I have thoughts of including a dynamic browser side logging for Thruway websockets someday in the future.

Additionally the Russian translation is near complete and I fixed a bug caused by the translator give me an older file back. I'm still working on refining that workflow.

Debug Panel. Notice additions to bottom right

Debug Panel

webpack-dev-server Index

webpack-dev-server index


The updated Russian and new German translation just came in. Also there is a new Swig xgettext string extractor available. I'll release a very updated Alpha 3 when I've been able to integrate this. Already there are a lot of bug fixes from Alpha 2.

After integrating Swig, the next big thing will be Thruway support. I expect this to come together in the next few months. Mostly I'm waiting for the documentation and examples to improve so that I can have an easier time with it.