the crossroad


This is my first post here so before I start I would like to say thanks to the developers of zephir its just a sweet and a joyful language to code in. Now however I am standing on a crossroad where I have been given three choices, phalcon+zephir/hhvm+hack/phpNG(php7).

they all promise enormous performance improvements but I am wondering one thing, will Phalcon and/or Zephir see any benefit from phpNG(php7) and be even faster?

I would love to hear what you guys think on this topic.


I don't know if Phalcon even can handle phpNG; as far as I know, Windows DLL only reach to 5.6, so if you're going to do a multiOS app you're capped.

But don't hear me too much; hear him @phalcon.

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We have not done any kind of test with PHP7/NG, however, there are theoretically many reasons to think that there will be an increase of performance in Phalcon/Zephir:

  • PHP7/NG refactoring improves many of the same internal structures that Phalcon/Zephir do use (zvals, class entries, hashtables, etc)
  • PHP7/NG improvements in memory usage collaterally benefit Phalcon/Zephir extensions
  • PHP7/NG already brings to the PHP userland many of the optimizations that Phalcon/Zephir already has
  • PHP7/NG probably will introduce parameter/return type hints as Zephir allowing to improve type-inference optimizations