A while back, I created a suggestion on GAE explaining why we need Phalcon to be available there. You can see the old suggestion here.

They recently decided not to implement it, even though it was one of the most requested features ever, and said the usage of Phalcon would likely become possible if PHP was implemented into Managed VMs, something that's already been suggested, but lacks votes. To speed things up, I've decided to enlist the community. Let's help the enterprise spread of PHP and allow Phalcon to breach new frontiers! How can you help? Easy:

  1. Vote for this issue by starring it (in the top left corner). Stars are the only indicator of a feature's desirability - do NOT comment on the issue, else they'll put it into "contributor only" mode. Just starring is enough! If you have multiple Google accounts, use them.
  2. If you have a Reddit account with a good reputation (I don't), please make a topic in r/php linking to that issue. Then, let us know of the link here, and we'll go upvote it. Let's bring exposure to this matter!