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How we could help community as a member who is not a C developer?

Hi everybody, First of all I want to say that I'm crazy about PhalconPHP framework and I know all the problems that a non-profit community is involved.

I am respectful to all Phalcon's community specially for its developers & contributors and I know how much they try to provide us the best PHP framework for free; But on the other hand all of you know our concerns as a developer too.

I decided to use Phalcon in my projects so I started developing with it in production. During development I found some serious bugs in framework and I reported them ASAP (Issues), but I saw that it takes too long time to check and fix that problems by contributors.

As I said I've used Phalcon in some serious (production) projects for example in my company's project that handling more that 1 million requests a day and in the middle of development I must wait a long time to bug fix and it makes me lost time. On the other hand, my related teams thinks that I've chosen a wrong framework and I'm not a senior developer and blah blah ... In action it forces me to switch to a PHP based framework.

Unfortunately I'm not a C developer to fix the problem myself. So now I want to know really how we could help community to speed up the bug fix process as a member who is not a C developer? and what is the main problem? If it's the financial problem? I think this is our responsibility to help & donate and why we not do it?

I know that some of the most active Phalcon contributors like @sjinks are from Ukraine and as all of us know Ukraine has some political/war problems during recent days. Maybe it causes that they couldn't contribute in phalcon in recent two monthes. Maybe not :/ anyway... I wish all the best for him and other contributors and I hope he/they come back to help us soon :) Thanks


I think you might want to read this:

AFAIK, Phalcon 2 is written in Zephir so you can contribute in that branch without knowing C.

Thanks @walterwhitep.

I ask all Phalcon developers to donate at