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Class Numericality not found

hi i am new to phalcon tried to download invo application and run it , after exporting the database and logging in when i click on products tab it says Fatal error: Class 'Phalcon\Validation\Validator\Numericality' not found in D:\xampp\htdocs\phalcon\invo\app\forms\ProductsForm.php on line 53

i am using xampp on windows php version 5.3.8 and Phalcon extension phalcon_x86_VC9_php5.3.9_1.3.3

can some one help me out it looks like the validator class doesnot exist in phalcon, do i need to update my php and extension for phalcon regards, Omer Aslam

Hello my friend i have the same problem with you. Its the windows that creates your error. In ubuntu 14.04 its ok... Its a bug inside phlacon extension maybe for windows...

I've read somewhere in forum that invo example was adjusted to work with Phalcon 2, where this Validator exists.

In version 1 it doesn't.