include javascript calls

hi, I am trying to create my layout file I need to initialize the tooltip javascript, in the layout file how can I do that , means I know how to include the javascript file like below


but what if I need to write the following

<script type="text/javascript">
        var type="easyTooltip";     
        if(type=== ""){     
            var type="";            

how can I acomplish this thing inside a layout file regards, Omer Aslam


What you need to do is to extend Volt by adding function.

$compiler->addFunction('javascript_inline', function($js) {
    return '<script type="text/javascript"> /<![CDATA[/' . $js . '/]]>/</script>';

And then in your Volt template call it with:

{{ javascript_inline('if(type=== ""){
var type="";
}') }}

So this will get you going although the syntax on this might not be 100% correct. Then you can work on making it prettier.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding - but couldn't you just put the desired text right into your Volt file?


quasipickle is right. My approach would be good if there was some javascript that was defined in a Controller (although that is not a great idea) or also if you wanted to inline some JS code from a file.