Phalcon, and some key-value storage

Good day. Now I'm developing a platform for hosting shops. I plan to do a single point of entry - server nginx should take any host name and send all requests on index.php, in turn, before initializing Phalcon need to catch the $_SERVER ['HTTP_HOST'], filter, and search in a certain (key-value) storage hostname. If it finds - reads the same configuration for that host and begins initialization phalcon with these configurations. If not - it gives a certain error page. Question - How to choose storage for all this (it is important that the whole procedure is very fast), and how to configure it all maximum performance? And as far as this method is safe and perfomance? For example, if 1 second is 5k requests for 200 different domains? Thanks.


I am not finding your question very clear. But strictly related to a key-value storage system, the answer is clear: Use Redis !