yet unsolved doubt

Hi all,

I posted a question few days ago and I still have the doubt: my post.

Now the same "exit signal Illegal instruction (4)" error happens when I play with the "findFirst" of Tutorial 2 INVO; in "$this->session->get('auth')" the "id" is a string, when "findFirst" is getting the string it generates the error. Why is it happening? is there any documentation i can read? any solution (beside making it the "safe" build)?



more question, what is "safe" build? what's the pros and cons of this safe build?



I do not own any knowledge of AWS beanstalk, but if you have the ability to compile phalcon with that service, you should definitively try phalcon's suggestion in


I have (maybe had) similar issue. I found a solution in github issues.

cd build/64bits
./configure CFLAGS="-O2 -g"
make -B
sudo make install

I'm not sure if it's fixed... But no more errors yet.