Empty Web Tools Page

Hello everyone, Im using Linux, and created phalcon project via terminal with the command : "phalcon project phalconBlog --enable-webtools" but when I try localhost/phalconBlog/webtools.php, I see just a blank, empty page. The project is in my desktop. Any idea about that?

My webtools.php file:


use Phalcon\Web\Tools;

require 'webtools.config.php';

require PTOOLSPATH . '/scripts/Phalcon/Web/Tools.php';


My webtools.config.php file:


define('PTOOLS%5FIP', '192.168.');

define('PTOOLSPATH', '/home/myname/phalconBlog/app/library/vendor/phalcon/devtools');

Note:in my project folder, there is no such a folder named app/library.



check >define('PTOOLSPATH', '/home/myname/phalconBlog/app/library/vendor/phalcon/devtools');

the path given here should point to the directory where webtool.php, phalcon.sh, phalcon.php ... are located

Thanks for the answer. As I said, there is no such a file -library- so no vendor and phalcon/devtools. So are there any way to rebuild or create those missed files ?



if you've got webtools.php in your application public folder, that means that you should already have used the phalcon devTools. So just in your shell prompt (under linux) type >locate phalcon.php

and use the directory path to phalcon.php in your define('PTOOLSPATH', 'copy the path here');