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The Phalcon Debug reaches out to

I see that the Phalcon Debug error output display reaches out to I find this to be poor taste.

Am I the only one out there who doesn't always program while on a Internet connection and also feels like allowing external javascript to run in my development environment is a bad idea? Perhaps the default color scheme could be changed to make it readable without the prettify code being run? As it is it is greyed out to the point that it is not readable when the JS plugin is not run.

Additionally since I'm at it I'll say that there doesn't appear to be any offline Phalcon documentation. It works well enough to do a Firefox save webpage complete for each section but it seems that this should be more easily available.


I can't speak for certain but it looks to be an easy way for it to include its assets regardless of the project setup.

You can look at the URI and check its includes if you feel unsafe:

Obviously the real answer is dont use it. Using step debugging with xdebug is infintely more powerful

Also offline documentation... a simple google search answers that question:


Static js/css resources are large and cannot be included in the extension itself. So we're using a CDN, you can download those resoruces and serve them from localhost.