How to update translated documentation (rst) files?

In the doc repository, it seems there is no way to update translated rst files using latest json files downloaded from transifex.

How do you do it?


We need to create a system for that, because currently we're not using Transifex for that, contributors are submitting PR directly to the docs repository.


Okay, it seems first of all we have to fix generate-trstrings.php a bit.

I'll send PR.


I sent first PR:

I wrote a script to update rst files. I'll send PR after more checking and being merged the first PR. generate-trstrings.php sitll have to be fixed.


I closed previous PR, and just have sent new PR:

I'm using it for Japanese translation. We Japanese translation team are using transifex.

I hope Phalcon team member will update translation string in transifex (there are a lot of missing), and will update RST files of Japanese (and the documentation on official Phalcon site).