How can i install phalcon in centos with wget?

I can't find .tar.gz file for install. Is there exists url to down it?


Why do you want tar.gz file?

You can get it from github: , But you must compile Phalcon.


Thank you! The php on my machine is custom made so i must compile Phalcon to install it.

>Why do you want tar.gz file? > >You can get it from github: > , >But you must compile Phalcon.

I had created a RPM for Fedora for phalcon only to later know that it was already made (my mistake of not searching properly.)

It must be available in Remi's repo. ( as he had created an package for it before I did.

Anyway if you wish I may make a copr for you if its not available in Remi.


Yes, Remi repository has Phalcon RPMs for CentOS 6 and 7 and Fedora.