Webird Alpha 4

I've tagged Webird Alpha 4. Not a whole lot has changed compared to previous alphas but now there is basically complete German translation and I'm told a pretty-decent-but-not-quite-perfect-yet Russian one.

I'd be very interested to hear how Webird translations are received by Russians as we break the embargo. Additionally, I'd definitely accept a French translation as it seems that Phalcon is also fairly popular with French speakers.

The development on Webird has slowed the last month because I'm working on my proprietary business layers that I'm using to setup my Webird code. So Webird will definitely be spurting forward over the year.

Over the last month I was able to stimulate the gettext-template author to create gettext-swig. This means that Webird will be able to use Jinja2 (as Volt on PHP side) templates for both Phalcon and the Nodejs/Webpack front end. I'm real excited about converting the front end templates from Handlebars to Jinja2. Its my goal to pass as many environment and setting variables as is relevant to both the Jinja and Volt templates so that they can be moved between Phalcon and Webpack as desired.

So it appears that the only thing holding back the fulfillment of my promises is the state of Thruway. Lately I'm seeing more Thruway activity now that the damn holidays are over. I still need to make some demo videos and I can't seem to locate a substantial excuse for that one. Then there is that terrible state of Zephir. Just kidding. Just kidding. Don't ban me.

I'm considering using Mozilla Nunjucks instead of Swig. I haven't had a lot of luck over the last few hours with Swig and I've read that Nunjucks is technically more advanced.

I've been able to succesfully create a npm xgettext-template volt gettext parser. I've forked a number of repos and I'm linking to the github commit in the npm package xgettext-template-dschissler. I've made two changes to existing repos and I added a new one. I'm hoping to get the maintainers to accept all of the changes.

The end result will be a xgettext executable for Volt templates that will be easily installable with npm. My regexs kind of suck but I think that the immediate chances of blowing the parser up in a way that can't be easily fixed is about 0.1%.