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Invo tutorial version

Hello, and thank you for the wonderful framework. I've been going through the documentation a bit, and just finished the first tutorial.

Now that I'm on to the Invo tutorial, I've noticed some rather large discrepancies between the tutorial and the Master version on github. As far as I can tell, the tutorial was written for branch 0.50 which is fine and dandy. My concern is that after searching these forums a bit, I came across a comment in this post mentioning that the recommended structure has changed.

Are the principals shown in the Invo tutorial (based on 0.50) still valid, or did something significant change with Phalcon between then and now to warrant the fairly drastic-looking changes in the Invo codebase? Am I just missing an updated version of the tutorial?


The phalcon examples can be seen as stepping stones in the evolution of the project. A lot has changed and better practices have been added as time has gone on.

I'd look at project structure in the following examples in the following order:

Each of these projects has differening structure, and different tricks that they attempt to emphasize.

Thank you for the reply. After going through the updated Invo code today, I see the differences aren't as major as they first appeared. They mostly just split some of the code out into different files, and added some routing to the mix. So far I've been able to keep pace with the differences.

I do wish there was more commenting pertaining to why a method was changed, for better context, but I digress.

I'll definitely give the album-o-rama example a try next.