I'm thinking that it could be useful to allow the Incubator to house non-Behavior traits. In this instance I think that I have a nice SoftDelete solution that improves on some the shortcomings of current SoftDelete behavior. If Phalcon 2.0 accepted my changes to the SoftDelete Behavior in its tree then the Incubator could house a Trait for enabling additional features in a model. Its related to the SoftDelete Behavior but its not a Behavior in itself. At least this way the code would be in an available tree and if someone is on PHP 5.3 then they can always simply copy that code out of the Trait and put it into their base model class.

I see it that a Phalcon Model Behavior is far superior to a trait for that particular use since it doesn't clash with the model event names and also allows PHP 5.3 use. So I'm not touching on that situation.

I see this as being a good approach for PHP 5.3 and 5.4+ users. PHP 5.3 users get to see usable code in the Incubator that can be easily copied from (as opposed to having zero code and needing to copy from a forum posting) and 5.4+ users can use the Incubator Trait.