when I try mydomain/invalid_controller_name/invalid_action_name it gives me the 404 layout that I have setTemplateAfter,

but if I do mydomain/errors/invalid_action_name which errors is a registered resource and a valid controller, it doesn't output the file that I have setTemplateAfter.

strange thing is mydomain/valid_controller_name_otherThanErrors/invalid_action_name it works.

404 is being forwarded at the beforeException event

setTemplateAfter is set at controllers' initialize

have any of you encounter similar problem?

more info

the errors constroller triggered the onConstruct but it doesn't trigger the initialize when doing the mydomain/errors/invalid_action_name

my assumption

if accessing a valid controller with an invalid action from the URL, if the following forward action is to the same controller and said forward action is being called at a particular event (not beforeDispatch, maybe only beforeException?), initialize of said controller will not be triggered.

please correct me assumption or inform me a more precise detail.

thanks in advance