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Change Volt tmp folder - (Volt directory can't be written)

Hi all,

I'm a Phalcon beginner, so forgive me if It's an obvious problem but I couldn't find any clear answer. I've just created a new project with the phalconTools, and I get the "Volt directory can't be written" error. (Phalcon 1.3.4 + centos7)

I've checked & deactivated selinux, tried to change permissions on "some" folders... not working. So, I was wondering where/how to configure Volt and choose what folder(s) to use.


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make sure ur cache folder is 777 i believe

                        'compiledPath' => APPLICATION_PATH."/../cache/", // << this line
                        'compiledSeparator' => '_',
                        'compileAlways' => true




You created the phalcon setup on the CLI with permissions as your user name and group. The webserver is not able to write to that. You will need to loosen up the permissions.


Thnaks guys, was helpful.